Welcome to Flitpay Premier League
Predict and Win
Bitcoin Worth ₹ 1,55,400* for Every Participant
How to Participate?

To Participate in the Flitpay Premier League:

  1. If you are an existing user, log in to Flitpay; if not, Sign-up to get started (KYC is mandatory)
  2. Make your score predictions for the first innings (the team which chooses to Bat First) every day.
    Note: Only one prediction per user is allowed.
  3. Winners with correct predictions will stand a chance to win Bitcoin worth INR 2100 each.
  4. The ones who are unable to predict the accurate score, but their score prediction falls under the difference of ±4 runs of the actual score, will get eligible to receive 21,000 SHIB tokens.
    For instance, if the actual runs scored were 180, the participants who predicted 176, 177, 178, 179 (-4 runs) or 181, 182, 183, 184 (+4 runs) would be eligible to win 21,000 SHIB tokens/each, isn't it exciting?
  5. So what are you waiting for? Predict before the timer ticks out.
Rules and Terms & Conditions
  1. Any individual at the date of participation has completed the age of 18 years can participate in the Flitpay Premier League.
  2. A User must ensure to submit the entries before or until the timer on our prediction page runs out. Users can only submit one prediction per match.
  3. To win BTC worth 2100, score predictions must be accurate and comply with the runs scored by the batting team in the first innings and not the target given.
    For Instance: In the RCB vs CSK match, RCB bats first and scores 180 runs, giving the target of 181 to CSK. To win the contest, your prediction should be 180 runs.
  4. For winning 21,000 SHIB tokens the score prediction must fall under the difference of ±4 runs of the actual score.
    For instance, in the aforementioned RCB and CSK match, the exact prediction was 180 runs, therefore, your prediction should be either 176, 177, 178, 179, 181, 182, 183 or 184 to receive 21,000 SHIB tokens.
  5. The prizes for every match will be distributed to every winner within seven days of contest completion. Users can check the winning status by visiting the match they participated in.
  6. The awarded BTC prize will be based on the current market price of Bitcoin.
  7. Flitpay maintains the authority to declare predictions as void in situations where matches are canceled, postponed, or for any other reasons as determined necessary by Flitpay.
  8. The reward will be subject to all taxation as per government regulations and law authorities of India. Users must comply with all the laws. Flitpay is not liable and responsible in this regard.
  9. Flitpay Reserves the right to release the contest IDs/Names and countries of the winners to the public through any form of media as deemed appropriate.
  10. Flitpay reserves the right at its sole discretion to invalidate any user/entries found attempting to manipulate or gain advantage of the contest through unfair means, including but not limited to using multiple identities, emails or accounts and suspend or modify the contest due to technical failures, frauds and unforeseen circumstances.
  11. At all times, the user shall indemnify Flitpay and consistently shield Flitpay from losses, costs, liabilities, claims or expenses arising from the user’s violation of the terms herein or any applicable Indian laws.
  12. All disputes which are subject to the Terms and Conditions as mentioned above shall fall under Indian Jurisdiction only.
  13. Flitpay hereby reserves the right to amend these terms, without prior consent of the User/Participant.
* On the accurate score prediction, every winner wins BTC worth INR 2100 in each match. Predicting accurate runs in 74 such matches opens the door for each participant to win INR 1,55,400 worth of Bitcoin(74*2100) in Flitpay Premier League.
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