The curtains for this Contest have finally closed! From nail-biting finishes to strategic predictions, let's relive the Flit-tastic journey of the Flitpay Worldcup Contest with you!
The Stats Say, β€œIt was a Success!”
Participated in winning the battle of crypto in FWC.
Champions emerged with their Bullseye predictions.
Winners got to experience the joy of winning multiple times.
48 Lacs
Worth of Bitcoin distributed to all the winners for their spot-on predictions.
States participated in the Flitpay Worldcup Contest to make it Spectacle.
Further Confirmed by the Social Media Buzzz πŸš€
Thank you to our FAM, who participated and showered their immense love to make the Flitpay World Cup contest a huge success. Your active engagement in FWC has set the stage for more spectacular events.
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