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Flitpay Referral Program

Step 1

Sign Up and earn a scratch card worth between 250 FLT - 500 FLT

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Step 2

Refer it to your family & friends and you both will earn scratch cards worth between 50 FLT - 100 FLT

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Step 3

Share your referral code through social platforms. More you endorse, more you earn

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Referral Program - Flitpay Bitcoin Exchange

Why Flitpay?

Flitpay is a world's secure cryptocurrency trading platform for major digital assets including Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash BCH, USDT, INR and many more. Flitpay offers leveraged margin cryptocurrency trading through a peer-to-peer funding market. Flitpay has a variety of features that make it the best place to start low-cost bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading.

Trading Potential


Fast and user-friendly interface to let you commit prompt transactions.

Low trading fees in bitcoinor INR


Pay almost zero fees on your trades and save more.

Utmost Security


Our system is integrated with latest security techniques. Be assured for your safety.

Customer first


Our 24x7 customer support will resolve all your queries and guide you to every step.


Download our app and access your account securely, anytime & anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can I earn as a trade commission?

It completely depends on you. There is no limit. We offer 50% of the trading fees we charge on each and every trade made by your friends. Help us spread the word about Flitpay, motivate your friends for regular trading. The more they trade, the more you earn as a trading commission.

2. When will the commission be reflected in my account?

The commission earned in a day takes 24 hours to be reflected in the account. It is usually done the next morning.

3. How can I earn maximum rewards?

Here are some tips that will help you to earn maximum commissions -
  • Share your unique referral link or code with as many people as you can. The more you share, the more the chances to get sign-ups under your referral tree. Use SMS, WhatsApp, social media, emails, etc. to spread your referral link.
  • Educate your friends and family about the crypto world, motivate them to be a part of it and let them know the benefits of getting registered at Flitpay.
  • Let them understand why it is advantageous to sign up through invites rather than direct sign-up.
  • Ask your friends also to let people join them. This will increase their trust in you.
  • Encourage them to trade regularly. The more they trade, the more you earn.

4. Do’s and Don’t for this referral program

Here are some tips that will help you to earn maximum commissions -
  • Bring more and more genuine sign ups and earn even while asleep.
  • Please do not misinterpret the referral program to your community just for the sake of earning more money.
  • We constantly keep checking for fake/duplicate accounts. If we find any misleading activities, we will block the account and all the outstanding referral bonuses will be set to zero.
Note: Flitpay is running this referral program for the benefit of its users and reserves full rights to make any changes. These changes can be done without any prior notice at any point in time. These changes are subject to market risks or other reasons. The decision on reward eligibility will be made by Flitpay and will be final and binding. By participating in the referral program you acknowledge the above. If you find someone misusing the referral program, you can let us know by contacting us directly. We will keep an eye and take necessary actions against it. To know more about Flitpay or for regular updates & announcements, follow us on Twitter (@flitpayofficial) and Flitpay Telegram Channel (

5. What is the best Bitcoin exchange?

Flitpay Cryptocurrency Exchange is the best-suited exchange to purchase all top cryptocurrency in India and other countries using Fiat and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

6. How do I trade Bitcoins for US Dollars?

"USDT" (Tether) is listed on Flitpay Cryptocurrency Exchange, it’s a stable coin which means the price of USDT is always equivalent to 1 USD respect to any price of BTC so you can purchase and trade other coins in USDT.

7. It’s worth buying a Bitcoin?

Flitpay never says to purchase Bitcoin taking a loan or using your all saving, we recommend to learn completely about bitcoin and cryptocurrency before investing any amount into it.

8. Is Bitcoin a good investment 2020?

Respect to all markets Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is one who is on the positive side and another side the complete share market is in recession, so you can decide what best to invest but only the amount you can afford to lose.

9. Can I trade Bitcoin in India?

Yes using Flitpay you can purchase and sell bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency using INR easily.

10. Is Bitcoin legal in India?

On 4th Feb 2020 govt has removed ban over banks to let cryptocurrency exchange trade over bitcoin so we can say yes its legal to trade bitcoins in India.

11. How can I buy Bitcoin in India?

You can by Bitcoin using Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange by firstly depositing INR into your Flitpay account and from there you can purchase it.

12. Which exchange is best for Cryptocurrency in India?

No doubt Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange will be there to help you in purchasing all the cryptocurrency you are looking for.

13. Which Bitcoin wallet is best in India?

Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange provides users to keep their cryptocurrency also into there wallet so you can safely store all your crypto into Flitpay wallet safely and securely.

14. Can Bitcoin be used in India?

The usability of bitcoins is not yet started but yes Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange is coming with a lot of features where you can use your fiat to purchase other things using Bitcoin.

15. Where can I buy Bitcoins without login?

Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange doesn’t support buying without purchasing but will sure try to figure this out.

16. How do I cash out Bitcoin?

Just send your Bitcoin to Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange and sell the bitcoin on the latest price available at Flitpay and then just withdraw the amount and that it the money is in your bank instantly.

17. How can I buy bitcoins instantly in India?

Just deposit INR into Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange using UPI,RTGS, NEFT or Net Banking and it instantly gets deposit into your account and then you can purchase any amount of Bitcoin from just a minimum of 1000 INR

18. Which Bitcoin wallet is best?

Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange provides users to keep their cryptocurrency also into there wallet so you can safely store all your crypto into Flitpay wallet safely and securely.


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