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Every product has a story and so is ours. Here's a highlight to introduce to you who we are and what is our mission.



Flitpay is a crypto product developed and maintained by tech-enthusiasts who comes from different engineering colleges across India. We started our journey in the crypto-world in 2017 with the vision of inculcating cryptocurrency in the common people of India.

Our aim is not only to make this product successful but also to educate people and help them understand the need of cryptocurrency in India. Our proficient team is working day and night to develop something so robust, scalable, and fast so that a beginner can also find it easy to operate.

Our Journey

It's not that long ago we started our journey in crypto. In the year 2017, we launched our crypto wallet and it took only 5-6 months to reach to a renowned position. We were among the top Bitcoin wallets in India. In early 2018, we decided to come up with our exchange but our tough luck! Indian Government imposed a banking ban and we had to hold our services.

It's time to change the way we pay at work

Akash Bansal (CFO)

Akash Bansal

CEO & Director

Akash Bansal is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flitpay. Started an IT company after graduation and worked on many projects based in India, UK and US even worked on many Government projects. Started learning and working on crypto from 2016 and launched Flitpay in 2017. The main focus of Akash is to provide complete knowledge and to educate crypto and non-crypto Indians to start investing in crypto.

Ashish Sangai (CFO)

Ashish Sangai

CPO & Director

Ashish Sangai is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Flitpay. Ashish is a highly skilled engineer who leads the technical development of all the Flitpay products. Ashish's motive is to exponentially grow Flitpay across the globe as the most powerful exchange in the world.

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