Flitpay Gift Cards

Gifting custom is never outdated, so why should a gift be? Deliver crypto joy to the doorsteps of your loved ones through Flitpay gift cards and be the trendiest gifter.

diwali card

Majority always wins

We want it to be outstanding. We want it to be exceptional, not for us, for you!
If you are confused about which card to choose for dear ones. Don't worry, our users will choose it for you. You can select our users' most loved gift card to surprise your loved ones and be the winner.

holi card

Celebrate with some uniqueness

Festival comes every year; different is only the way we rejoice in them. The joy of the festival lies within how uniquely and around whom we are celebrating.
What if this festival you are away from your home? We know your heart can never be. Keep your hearts united with flitpay gift cards designed uniquely for every celebration.

women's day card

We know it’s special for you

Moments come and go. They can’t be stopped but we can make it lifelong memorable.
Every moment of your life is special to us as well; all we want is; you to cherish them with safety. And what’s more secure than crypto? And After all, who doesn’t love surprises? So let’s together make every moment magical with Flitpay gift cards.

thanksgiving card

Every day is exclusive

Goodbye to the myth that gifts are only for occasions and celebrations.
Celebrate today & every day with Flitpay gift cards. This time, you will not have to worry about the expense of gifting as it will be an investment.
Our evergreen crypto gift cards allow you to bring a smile to your lovey- dovey’s face on non-occasional days as well.

new era
physical gift card
gift that grows
value for money

Amazingly Different

Why save and spend extra when you can gift from your crypto investment.

Flitpay gift cards have been introduced with the idea of secure and valuable gifting. In this growing era of digital assets, nothing can be more expensive than gifting a Digital currency with a rising value. You can either share our Gift cards digitally or use our deliver to doorstep service for physical gifting.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Can be accessed through Web and App.



Mobile Gift Cards come directly on the receiver’s mobile phone through email or SMS.

Freedom to choose

Freedom to choose

With the entire world available online, Gift Cards give the receiver the freedom to choose whatever they want.



Gift Cards work like a debit card and are safe as they can be frozen in case of loss or theft, without losing the money in it.

Success Stories

"Digitalized Gifting"

Being the CEO of the tech organization, this iconic idea of Digital Gifting has attracted me the most, so we decided to gift it to our employees on the Occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi.” They were so grateful and really loved our present as it was like gifting an investment.

- Akash BansalCEO & Director

"Stand out from all rest"

Kudos Flitpay for such a fantastic idea. I used it to gift crypto to one of my friends who recently got married. He was so overwhelmed looking at this. Not only this, my present stand out among all gifts. Thank you so much. Really liked the packaging.

- Ankit AgarwalCEO - Mojika Group

"Gift with increasing value"

My wife is a homemaker, and she generally does not like me gifting her luxury things. She thinks that their value gets decrease with time and are a waste of money. I came up with this Flitpay gift card and gifted her Crypto on our anniversary. She was so impressed and happy because it was an investment to her and will give her returns.
Thank you, Team Flitpay!

- GurumurthyHead - Xangars
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