Vision of Flitpay

Every innovation holds within past, present and future, and so does Flitpay.

How would your life be at Flitpay?
You decide the Time
You decide the Time
You can manage check-in and check-out timing through the Flexible work hour policy for a greater work-life balance.
Boss your Ideas
Boss your Ideas
Explore, Think, Create and Innovate; that’s what we want our team members to do.
Work with the Best
Work with the Best
Work with Talented and Experienced people in the Industry. A team that learns together and grows together.
Who Miss the Fun?
Who Miss the Fun?
5-days work week, Unlimited Snacks and Beverages, Friday Fun Activities, Birthday and Festival Celebrations, Trips and Outings with the Team!
Get paid Right!
Get paid Right!
With a competitive pay policy, you can manage your personal payouts even at the end of the month.
Enjoy your own Time
Enjoy your own Time
Mark your calendar with Weekend Holidays, Maternity/Paternity leaves, Marriage leaves, Period leave and Occasional Holidays.
Step Inside Our Office
Office Pic
Office Pic
Office Pic
Office Pic
Office Pic
Office Pic
Employee Benefits
Period Leave
Period Leave
Our Period policy is designed to help women and transgender people deal with physical and psychological changes while taking a day off from work during menstruation.
Medical Coverage
Medical Coverage
A comprehensive health insurance plan through plum covers everyone, including spouses and children.
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness
Focusing and prioritising the need for a healthy environment. We have taken the initiative to provide in-house fitness coaches and trainers at Flitpay.
Paternity and Maternity
Maternity and Paternity Leave
This leave exists for both Mom and Dad to take time to care for their little ones regardless of whether they are biological or adopted.
Netflix for everyone
Netflix For Everyone
We want you to take some time off, and Binge watch your favourite TV shows and rejuvenate your weekends with a Netflix subscription by Flitpay.
Flexible Working Hours
Flexible working hours
We don't like the idea of bounding, so we eliminated the punch-in and punch-out time restrictions. Employees at Flitpay can start their day whenever they want.
Remote Working
Remote working
Everyone faces tough times or happy moments. Where it's essential to support and rejoice with loved ones. People can opt for remote work, being all arrangements made by flitpay.
Best-In Class Salary
Best In-class salary
We value good talent and ensure that our employees are compensated with the best salary brackets in the industry.
Collaborative Work Environment
Collaborative work environment
We spend the majority of our time at work solving problems or building solutions, so it is important that we enjoy our time there. We are proud of the vibrant culture that we have created at Flitpay.
Employee Referral
Employee referral
Our employees can earn incentives for introducing new talent to the organisation through the Referral Bonus Program. The referral bonus will be credited to the employee account after the candidate has been with Flitpay for three months.
Our Tech Stack
Big Data
That's What Our Members Said ❤️️
“I am glad to have this conducive environment for my growth and learning. The readiness of everyone in the foundation to train me and all my queries is the most beautiful factor of my journey.”
Divyanshu Mishra
SDE - 1
“I love showing up for my work because I get recognition and appreciation for what I do. I have reasons to get excited to wake up and go to work. That’s the best thing that I love about Flitpay.”
Aadil Khan
SDE - 1
“Who says them, colleagues? I have friends.Friends who are there to support in every success and failure. I have seen employees of other organisations storming hatred for their teams. I am thankful that Flitpay’s team is way far from all this.”
Rakshita Jain
Content Writer
“Every single day at Flitpay brings a new wave of energy and opportunity. I never feel tired of being here. It continuously motivates me to get high on my goals.”
Vatsal Sharma
“An organisation which is led by excellent management can never disappoint its employees. If they say FAMILY, they really mean it, and at Flitpay, I feel valued and heard, just like a family member.”
Ravinder Seminal
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