akash bansal

Akash Bansal

CEO & Director

Director's Note

Akash Bansal is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flitpay. His Interest in crypto started developing in 2016, and since then, he has begun to learn and work on crypto. With a growing love for crypto, he with his team established crypto trading Platform in 2017. The main focus of Akash is to provide complete knowledge and to educate crypto and non-crypto Indians to start investing in crypto.

"To become a good leader, one first learn to lead himself and welcome all the optimistic and pessimistic feedback from people. Even negative reviews can be your motivation dose to grow each day. Another important thing for a successful leader is spreading awareness and knowledge among the people and making them understand its need."

Akash Bansal

"Develop the hobby to Listen, Accept and Empower", says Akash. This goes as

Listen: be consistent in lending your ears everywhere you go because you never know what can change your life and business. Not only business, but it is very crucial from a knowledge point of view as well.

Accept: Strong leaders should always be ready to accept the reviews, get the facts, and take whatever can lead your growth.

Empower: Possessing the listening and accepting qualities opens the doors of empowerment; nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle.

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CEO & Director

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