ashish sangai

Ashish Sangai

CPO & Director

Director's Note

Ashish Sangai is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Flitpay. Ashish is a highly skilled engineer who leads the technical development of all the Flitpay products. Ashish's motive is to exponentially grow Flitpay across the globe as the most powerful exchange in the world.

"Always emphasize on your customer's needs and society's betterment; things will automatically fall in your court. A business cannot grow without user support."

Ashish Sangai

Ashish condenses the 3 C's of winning a business:

User-oriented: It is essential to learn what your user is looking for and what he should know but lacks availability of resources. Try to build up those necessary resources.

Ultimate: Make your product stand out. Give people the reason to choose your product over any other. Make it innovative and ultimate in every aspect.

Usable: A business or product should define a purpose and solve a problem. Each element and feature of your business should be worth considering.

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CPO & Director

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