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Bitcoin Price Prediction for Next Bull Run: Can BTC Reach $1 Million by 2025?

Bitcoin Price Prediction for Next Bull Run: Can BTC Reach $1 Million by 2025?
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Bitcoin has been flirting with its investors by consolidating at its all-time high of over $70,000. The price level that once looked like a pipe dream is now considered just the launchpad for Bitcoin's next cosmic leap. Naturally, this leaves us all wondering: Will Bitcoin reach $1 million by 2025, and if not, how high will the Bitcoin price prediction for 2025 go?

So, let's scry the crystal ball of logic to find answers to our queries and plan investing strategies accordingly. We'll also connect the dots of various Bitcoin-specific factors to determine its possible price levels for the next bull run.

Let's begin by reviewing Bitcoin's recent performance.

Whether BTC will reach $1 million in 2025 depends very much on its current price momentum and activities.

Bitcoin's Recent Performance

The significant price movement in Bitcoin began with the approval of the first U.S.-based Bitcoin Spot ETFs on January 10, 2024. The Bitcoin price faced extra upward volatility even before this approval came due to the positive anticipation. A key reason behind the Bitcoin spot ETFs driving up the Bitcoin volatility is that it simplified the entry of institutional investors in Bitcoin by making its ETFs available for trading in the regulated stock market environment. With multiple finance giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, Ark Invest and more showing interest in launching Bitcoin spot ETFs, the market sentiments turned green, which might significantly drive up Bitcoin price by the end of 2024. For instance, when BlackRock filed for Bitcoin Spot ETF on June 15, 2023, Bitcoin price was trading at around $25.1k. By January 2024, when BlackRock, with 11 others, got approval for launching Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the USA, Bitcoin price nearly doubled to $46.1k.

While multiple investors were seeking instant bullish movements in Bitcoin price, the king crypto had other plans as it went into a correction phase.

By January 24, 2024, Bitcoin price fell to $39,936. However, this price pullback proved like a step back before a big jump as a rally began right after. In less than two months, Bitcoin price climbed from $39,936 and hit a new all-time high of $73,750 on March 14, 2024. It was a significant surge of 85%. It was a direct result of the record-breaking fund inflows experienced by the newly launched Bitcoin spot ETFs. Witnessing new stock investors and institutional players interested in owning the largest digital asset made its price jump to a new high even before the fourth Bitcoin halving took place in April.

On April 19, 2024, the fourth Bitcoin halving reduced the Bitcoin block reward for miners from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. Experienced crypto enthusiasts understand the profound long-term impact a Bitcoin halving event can have on Bitcoin's price. Though Bitcoin has not yet reached an all-time high since this halving, this may change in the long term.

Bitcoin Halving is a crucial event occurring every four years when the BTC mining rewards are cut by 50% (miners get 50% less BTC). This event is a positive one for long-term Bitcoin investors as it reduces the BTC supply that, mixed with its rising demand, usually drives up the Bitcoin price.

Factors Affecting Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

Before discussing the BTC price prediction for 2025, we must be aware of the factors contributing to it. Doing so will help us reach a logical prediction and prepare us to make strategies accordingly.

Factors which will affect Bitcoin price prediction in 2025 are -

  • Post Halving Scenario
  • Fund Inflows in Bitcoin Spot ETFs
  • Global Crypto Regulations
  • FED Interest Rates
  • Macro Economic Factors

Let's discuss them one by one.

Post Halving Scenario

Crypto experts are hopeful that the recent Bitcoin halving of April 2024 will positively affect the Bitcoin price in 2025. This is because, historically, halvings occur near the midpoint of the Bitcoin price cycle, suggesting the beginning of a strong bullish phase until the end of 2025. This also aligns with the 4-year cycle observed by investors in Bitcoin since its inception. Additionally, the Bitcoin halving significantly reduces the rewards for Bitcoin miners, thereby slowing the creation of new bitcoins. Such a halving policy was programmed into Bitcoin's algorithm to counteract inflation by inducing Bitcoin scarcity with time. In theory, this reduction in new bitcoins means the price will increase if the demand pertains or increases. The same thing happened in reality, as the noticeable decrease in the flow of new bitcoins in the market has historically led to a surge in Bitcoin prices due to higher demand.

For instance, after first halving, the Bitcoin price crossed the $100 mark for the first time in less than a year. When the halving occurred in 2012, Bitcoin traded at nearly $12, reaching its key bullish point of over $100 by 2013. It was a jaw-dropping surge of 8,858%. The second halving exhibited the same pattern when Bitcoin price increased 294% from $650 to $2560 over the following year. Then, the third Bitcoin halving, where the mining reward was reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, its price climbed from $8727 to $68,789 between 2020 and the end of 2021. However, the price plummeted afterwards, leading to a prolonged bearish phase throughout 2022.

All these three halvings indicate a pattern where Bitcoin prices experience a stellar rally in the year next year of Bitcoin halving. Since the most recent Bitcoin halving occurred in April 2024, Bitcoin can likely experience the next bull run in 2025.

We have discussed this factor in more detail in our BTC prediction after the 2024 halving blog.

Fund Inflows in Bitcoin Spot ETFs

The next factor affecting the Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run is the fund inflow experienced by the Bitcoin Spot ETFs launched in the USA this January. Since their listing in January, the 11 Bitcoin ETFs have drawn a record-breaking total inflow of over $15.52 billion. BlackRock's iShares (IBIT) Bitcoin ETF dominates the inflow, with over 80% of total inflows under its name. In fact, these US-based Bitcoin ETFs recently recorded their longest run of Inflows with 19 straight days of net inflows.

After a world power like America allowed the trading of Bitcoin-backed ETFs in its stock market, multiple other countries like Hong Kong and Australia have also jumped on the bandwagon, further accelerating the global demand for Bitcoin. While Hong Kong launched Asia's first Bitcoin-backed Spot ETF on April 30, 2024, Australia followed the lead by launching similar ETFs on June 4, 2024. Multiple crypto experts expect more countries to jump on this trend and introduce Bitcoin ETFs by the end of 2024. Therefore, we can expect the ongoing wave of Bitcoin ETFs to contribute to rising Bitcoin price levels by 2025. It is important to note here that these Bitcoin-backed ETFs unlock the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin and thus hold immense potential in positively affecting the Bitcoin price.

Global Crypto Regulations

An unforeseen factor that can bring significant changes to the Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run is the global crypto regulations. While multiple financial institutions are in talks to bring in global crypto regulations, no significant update has been made. However, once any global financial institution rolls out the crypto regulations and multiple countries opt-in, we can see substantial changes in the crypto liquidity and trading volumes. This is because the new rules can positively and negatively affect the investors' mindset. Countries' crypto taxation policies will also affect the interest of investors in the coming years. While a lenient and encouraging taxation system will encourage investors to invest more, strict and discouraging policies can do the vice versa.

FED Interest Rates

Bitcoin price prediction for 2025 also hugely depends on the stance of the FED over its interest rates. This is because if the FED increases the interest rates, the cost of borrowing from banks for small investors also increases. It directly affects less investing in comparatively riskier assets like bitcoin, leading to bearish market sentiments for the short term. Another explanation is that investors feel more confident in riskier asset classes like Bitcoin when they get lower interest rates from FED. Though the effects of FED interest rates are usually short-term, they often delay the price surges and resistance breaks for cryptocurrencies. An example of how FED affects the Bitcoin price is what happened in March 2023. This was the time when crypto investors were expecting a zero percent hike in FED's interest rate. However, the FED declared a 0.25% hike, causing noteworthy price drops in the crypto market. This short time panic period sent Bitcoin to a 7.9% price correction. Thus, if the FED keeps its interest rates below the expected number next year, it will hint towards bullish Bitcoin price targets for 2025.

Macro Economic Factors

Other macroeconomic factors, such as wars, lockdowns, pandemics, and other geopolitical tensions, will also impact the Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run. The ongoing political tensions between various countries like Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, and Israel may slow down the impact of Bitcoin halving in 2025 due to economic instability and uncertainties. If more prominent countries get involved in these political playoffs, we can expect significant sell-offs in riskier assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Having explored all the potential factors influencing Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run, let's move on to our next sections: Bitcoin price prediction 2025 and addressing the question, 'Will BTC reach $1 million by 2025?

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

When it comes to Bitcoin price performance in 2025, no single analyst has given bearish numbers. The key reason is the probability of Bitcoin repeating the bullish trajectory post-halving, which it has covered in the last three halvings. In a note to its clients, a famous research firm, Bernstein, stated, "We expect Bitcoin to touch a cycle high of $1,50,000 by mid-2025 and touch all-time highs in 2024". These numbers came from the unique blend of heightened BTC demand from trading multiple exchange-traded funds and the squeezed supply of BTC due to the recent halving.

Another financial firm's founder, Anthony Scaramucci, of Skybridge Capital, said that the post-halving period would push Bitcoin's price to a six-figure range of $1,70,000 or even higher next year. In his earlier prediction with Reuters, Anthony said, "Wherever the price is on the day of the halving in April, multiply it by four, and it'll reach that price in the next 18 months.

On the other hand, various other experts feel that the bullish momentum in Bitcoin post-halving may not be that magical. For instance, Grayscale's Michael Zhao says it is important to understand that a Bitcoin price increase post-halving is not guaranteed. He adds that the anticipation of Bitcoin halving may suggest that savvy investors might buy early, potentially inflating the Bitcoin price before the event. Such a situation considers that the predictability of Bitcoin scarcity may not be true, causing a failure to meet the expected bullish price levels.

The post-halving price movement of multiple other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin also indicates that such events do not necessarily guarantee a significant price increase for the asset. However, most analysts expect Bitcoin to showcase a bull run like never before in 2025.

Some of the most bullish ones include Charles Edwards of Capriole Investments, who expects Bitcoin to hit $2,80,000 early in 2025. His analysis is based on Bitcoin's growth after previous halvings.

btc prediction 2025

Crypto trader Stockmoney Lizards also believes that Bitcoin can reach $2,80,000 in 2025, followed by a correction. Another crypto analyst, Yoddha, believes the Bitcoin price can reach $100,000 in 2025.

active supply

Another crypto analyst, Mags, who uses a technical approach to price prediction, believes that the fourth Bitcoin halving could move the price of Bitcoin near $300,000 in early 2025. This bullish Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run comes from reducing the rate through which new Bitcoins come into circulation.

Aurelien Ohayon, an analyst at Xor Strategy, seems to be one of the most bullish people when it comes to predicting the Bitcoin price for the next bull run. He estimates that the Bitcoin price can rise to $100,000 in early 2025 and surge to  $500,000 later.

Looking at such bullish price predictions for Bitcoin, we can conclude that 2025 will likely be a strong year for Bitcoin and its investors. Thus, we revise our previous BTC price predictionfor 2025 with the below numbers.

Our BTC price prediction for 2025 in USD is -  $2,10,000 (maximum), $1,10,000 (minimum) and $1,80,000 (average)

The same in INR is - INR 1,75,44,345 (maximum), INR 91,89,895 (minimum) and INR 1,50,38,010 (average)

Unit Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
BTC Price Prediction 2025 USD $2,10,000 $1,10,000 $1,80,000
BTC Price Prediction 2025 INR INR 1,75,44,345 INR 91,89,895 INR 1,50,38,010

A month-wise breakout of this BTC price prediction for the next bull run is as follows

Bitcoin Price Prediction for January 2025

Bitcoin may begin 2025 with bullish action, due to the anticipation of a possible bull run. This may bring it near to higher price levels than its current all-time high of $73,000. Historically, Bitcoin has begun the year next to Bitcoin halving year with steps towards the moon and the same can repeat for the January month of 2025 as well. Therefore, the BTC price can reach a maximum of $82,000, a minimum of $71,000 and an average of $78,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction for February 2025

Our Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run suggests a steady rise in February 2025. Bitcoin is likely to sustain its upward trajectory from January, driven by heightened market confidence and increased institutional interest. The maximum price expected is $85,000, the minimum is $72,000, and the average is around $78,500.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for March 2025

March 2025 sees Bitcoin facing some market volatility. The BTC price prediction for 2025 indicates potential fluctuations, with the maximum price forecasted at $80,000, the minimum at $70,000, and the average around $75,000. Despite the short-term dip, we remain optimistic about long-term growth driven by post-halving effects and institutional adoption.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for April 2025

Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run again turns optimistic for April 2025, reflecting renewed market enthusiasm. The maximum price is anticipated to reach $90,000, with a minimum of $75,000, and an average of $82,500. This period may see increased trading activity and investor interest.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for May 2025

May 2025 faces some market corrections, with BTC price prediction for that month suggesting a brief consolidation phase. Analysts predict a maximum price of $85,000, a minimum of $72,000, and an average of $78,500. This temporary slowdown reflects healthy market adjustments, preparing for potential future gains.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for June 2025

Our June 2025 forecasts indicate a noteworthy jump in Bitcoin's price. The Bitcoin price can hit a maximum level of $1,00,000, a minimum of $80,000, and an average of $90,000. As mid-year approaches, Bitcoin's price stability may start renewing market confidence.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for July 2025

July 2025 maintains a positive outlook, with Bitcoin price projecting continued growth. The maximum price is expected to be $1,30,000, the minimum $95,000, and the average around $1,15,500, supporting Bitcoin's sustained bullish trajectory.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for August 2025

In August 2025, the BTC price prediction remains favorable. However, some market corrections are expected. Analysts predict a maximum price of $1,25,000, a minimum of $90,000, and an average of $1,10,300.  However, the positive market sentiment will continue to drive the overall trend upward.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for September 2025

September 2025 sees Bitcoin experiencing major price pumps. The BTC price prediction for 2025 by September indicates a maximum price forecast at $1,65,000, a minimum of $1,25,000, and an average of around $1,47,000.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for October 2025

October 2025 continues the bullish trend, with the Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run projecting further gains. Analysts anticipate a maximum price of $1,89,000, a minimum of $1,53,000, and an average of $1,72,000. Consistent demand and reduced supply will continue to drive prices upward.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for November 2025

November 2025 shows signs of market consolidation, with Bitcoin price suggesting stabilization. The maximum price is expected to reach $1,90,000, the minimum $1,60,000, and the average around $1,80,000. This month may end with reduced volatility as the market digests the year's gains.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for December 2025

December 2025 concludes the year with a strong performance, reflecting the top of Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run. A maximum price of $2,10,000, a minimum of $1,90,000, and an average of $2,01,500 can be seen.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 (USD) Maximum Minimum Average
January $82,000 $71,000 $78,000
February $85,000 $72,000 $78,500
March $80,000 $70,000 $75,000
April $90,000 $75,000 $82,500
May $85,000 $72,000 $78,500
June $1,00,000 $80,000 $90,000
July $1,30,000 $95000 $1,15,000
August $1,25,000 $90,000 $1,10,300
September $1,65,000 $1,25,000 $1,47,000
October $1,89,000 $1,53,000 $1,72,000
November $1,90,000 $1,60,000 $1,80,000
December $2,10,000 $1,90,000 $2,01,500

Here is the BTC price prediction for 2025 converted into INR using the conversion rate of 1 USD = 83.5 INR:

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025 (INR) Maximum Minimum Average
January INR 68,47,000 INR 59,68,500 INR 65,13,000
February INR 70,97,500 INR 60,12,000 INR 65,53,750
March INR 66,80,000 INR 58,45,000 INR 62,62,500
April INR 75,15,000 INR 62,62,500 INR 68,47,500
May INR 70,97,500 INR 60,12,000 INR 65,53,750
June INR 83,50,000 INR 66,80,000 INR 75,15,000
August INR 1,04,37,500 INR 75,15,000 INR 91,05,050
September INR 1,37,77,500 INR 1,04,37,500 INR 1,22,74,500
October INR 1,57,81,500 INR 1,27,45,500 INR 1,43,62,000
November INR 1,58,65,000 INR 1,33,60,000 INR 1,50,30,000
December INR 1,75,35,000 INR 1,58,65,000 INR 1,68,25,250

Will BTC Reach $1 Million by 2025?

Predicting whether Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2025 involves analyzing several factors that can influence its price trajectory. The recent approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the U.S. has been a major milestone, boosting Bitcoin's price significantly and attracting substantial institutional investment. This development alone has injected over $15.52 billion into the market, showcasing strong confidence from major financial entities like BlackRock and Fidelity in Bitcoin.

Historically, Bitcoin's price has shown significant upward movement following each halving event, which reduces the mining reward and the supply of new Bitcoins. The most recent halving in April 2024 slashed the block reward from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. Previous halvings have led to substantial price increases within the following 18 months. For instance, after the first halving in 2012, Bitcoin's price surged by 8,858% within a year. The pattern repeated in subsequent halvings. Therefore, the positive impact of the recent halvings can also boost the Bitcoin price by 2025. If the decreased supply of new Bitcoins is mixed with its continuously rising demand by institutional interest, the price of Bitcoin can skyrocket in 2025. This has led some analysts, like those at Bernstein and Skybridge Capital, to predict Bitcoin reaching between $1,50,000 and $3,00,000 by 2025.

However, reaching $1 million by 2025 would require even higher growth. To achieve this milestone, Bitcoin's price would need to increase by roughly 1,900% from its current levels. While not impossible, such an exponential rise would require continued institutional investment, positive sentiment, and a series of favourable macroeconomic conditions.

Global crypto regulations will play a crucial role. Supportive regulatory frameworks could further enhance investor confidence and drive up prices. Conversely, restrictive regulations could dampen market enthusiasm. Similarly, the Federal Reserve's interest rate policies will impact investor behaviour. Lower interest rates typically make riskier assets like Bitcoin more attractive, whereas higher rates might push investors towards safer assets.

The chances of all these factors playing in favour of Bitcoin are not very high. Therefore, despite the optimistic projections from various analysts, a cautious approach is necessary. While the factors favouring a substantial price increase are compelling, the $1 million target by 2025 remains overly optimistic, given the current data and historical trends. A more realistic expectation would be a price range between $150,000 and $300,000, as suggested by multiple analysts.


Will Bitcoin Reach $1 Million by 2024?

The chances of Bitcoin hitting $1 million by 2024 are minimal, given its current price level of $73,000. Bitcoin has been struggling to break its current all-time high of $73,000 for a few months now. Despite the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs getting good inflows, breaking the resistance level may take longer. Moreover, for Bitcoin to hit $1 million by 2024, it needs to gain 1,200% value, which seems a bit difficult, given its high price. Bitcoin will require unprecedented fund inflows to hit $1 million in 2024, which is already half over.

What is Bitcoin price prediction for the next bull run?

According to multiple experts, Bitcoin's next run may begin in 2025. Thus, the BTC price prediction for the next bull run ranges between $1,10,000 to $2,10,000.

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