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Dent (DENT) Trading is live

Dent (DENT) Trading is live
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DENT coin is now listed on Flitpay. You can trade and invest in INR and join DENT/INR in your crypto journey.

This coin is listed under Flitpay’s Instant Listing Initiative, to know what does this initiative means to you visit learn.

About DENT

Dent is a eSIM cards, mobile data and call minutes top-up and roaming free service provider network. It allows people to share and access mobile services globally irrespective of the location.

DENT is the native token of the Dent network through which users can claim services and discounts.


Launched Year:     2017

Current Price:       $0.003449

Circulating Supply:   99 Billion

Total Supply:       100 Billion

Market Rank:       171

*From Coinmarketcap as of 10th Feb 2022*

Happy Trading!

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