Flitpay Existing Application User Login
Admin 06-Mar-2021

Flitpay Existing Application User Login

Flitpay Existing Application User Login:-

We can\'t forget our ongoing user as they are the reason behind what we are now, the reason behind the success of flitpay.

So, as a gesture of thanksgiving to all existing users, we are giving direct 1250 FLT Tokens. Thank you for believing in us.

Then, my friends what are you waiting for? Grab your gift by just using the link below link:- https://www.flitpay.com/migration/verify

After clicking on this link you have to follow ready to go steps.

Add your existing Flitpay Mobile number to verify your number.


Flitpay Old user Migration landing screen

Enter the OTP received on your number.

Enter the following details as:-

Email Address

Setup a Password

Hurray! Your mobile number is now associated with your email Flitpay Cryptocurrency exchange.

Now you just have to use the email and password to log in.

If your account is verified and registered. We have your Pan card in place you have to just upload a Selfie and Address proof document to activate your account again.

Also once the account is activated any INR or BTC balance you are carrying in our existing Flitpay Application it will be directly deposited into your account, which you can easily trade and withdraw once the exchange goes live.

To know more about Flitpay or for regular updates & announcements, follow us on Twitter (@flitpayofficial) and Flitpay Telegram Channel (https://t.me/Flitpay).

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  • INR Deposits Update

    Our Bank details have been updated. Please check before depositing INR.

    8 months ago
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