How to trade crypto with USDT on Flitpay
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How to trade crypto with USDT on Flitpay


USDT is also known as Tether issued by Tether Ltd. It’s a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is exchanged against many crypto assets as an alternative to bitcoin. Tether is a stable currency to exchange with bitcoin and other crypto-assets. USDT is protected from market fluctuations and backed equivalent to the U.S Dollar, traditional fiat currencies, or countries and continents. USDT is a safe place for investors though market volatility and transactions won’t create any changes in USDT values. So, investors find it safe to deal with USDT as it introduces the Proof of Reserve Process by providing a Proof of solvency method. 

Trade-in USDT!

To trade in cryptocurrency with USDT first of all you need to have a crypto account on then you can proceed to further trading procedures. Though till now if you haven’t created your crypto account. Create now! Flitpay is one of the best platforms to provide the safest and convenient experience to trade with a practice session and varied dedicated services. 

Though to deal in USDT or any other crypto asset you need to have your fiat money or say domestic currency in your crypt account which could be either available from your Bank account through IMPSS, NEFT, RTGS, OR UPI. These all are bank transfers or instant deposit platforms though will be deposited in your crypto account to trade. 

How to transfer fiat currency in a Flitpay account?

Firstly, to add fiat currency to your Account go to the fund's section, find the Indian Rupee tab over there, and select the deposit option. Through the Deposit option, you will jump towards entering the bank details, provide the bank details you want to connect with and check it twice before submitting. Then, click on instant deposit or other bank transfer options such as UPI, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS available over there. Select the most convenient transfer mode. If you are transferring from UPI you also need to follow the Add Transfer Details option where Transaction ID & deposit amount details are a must and then proceed to the further details. After Bank details or Transaction ID details, your amount will be transferred. This amount will instantly transfer to your Flitpay account of your crypto wallet.

Though the maximum time taken in this transfer is 24 hours. Most of the transfers happen in an hour or a couple of hours. And the minimum limit of this transfer is 100 amounts of your fiat currency and the maximum is as per the requirement of transaction or the investor investment criteria. 

How to invest in USDT and exchange with other cryptocurrencies!

Now, you have money in your crypto account and it is available for trade. Use this fiat currency to trade and then you can also trade in USDT as it is protected from the market volatility and acts as the solvency. Use your fiat currency to purchase USDT. Though you can directly exchange USD or any other cryptocurrency for USDT or can pair up any of these as per the market values and the market. Whenever the trader finds it difficult to trade in any other crypto asset, they can invest in USDT and can keep it in their wallet, and can use it in further exchanges. For exchanging in USDT the factor that varies is the good trading volume.

Trade with USDT in Flitpay 

To trade in USDT in Flitpay transfer your fiat currency into your Flitpay account and then proceed further. Though, this helps to protect from market volatility and is the solution for many crypto exchanges. Investing in USDT is a more effective and profitable investment scheme.

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