Security Measures Every Crypto Investor Should Take
Admin 06-Mar-2021

Security Measures Every Crypto Investor Should Take

Cryptocurrency has proved to be the most convenient way to transfer funds digitally, fast and to hold investments. Though this system of cryptocurrency provides the luxury to enable transactions anywhere and whenever required. Cryptocurrencies are stored in a digital wallet so every transaction is recorded in the blockchain. These secure transactions enable trading smoothly and uninterrupted. But we need to know how safe the crypto transactions are? Though every trading needs security measures and the first and foremost to jump to any trading is to check the security measures it goes through. Every trader needs to check wherever they are putting their investments is secure or not? What security measures were taken by the platform to secure the investment of investors. Though, cryptocurrencies do have a lot of security issues due to increased digital malpractices. 

So, to keep secure the investments here are some security measures every investor should know and take: 

  • An appropriate password

Though, the password of your account is the first and foremost through which you can secure your account and securities. Passwords should be as complex and strong as possible. Use a unique password for this account so it got next to impossible to hack your password. Do not reveal your password to anyone, keep it as confidential as you can.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Always go with the software-based authentication system which is the most secure system. Do not use another authentication like SMS based. This system is provided by every software but it needs to be enabled and to save the key in a secure place. The most important is to keep the login Password/ID in a safe place else it has a risk of getting hacked. Rather this 2FA system will make it impossible for hackers to steal account information. 

  • Never click irrelevant links

Though, nowadays we see a lot of online scams are in great practice. These hackers try to indulge you in irrelevant activities manipulated for the sake of high profits. Many times, we get irrelevant links on our personal IDs that encourage us to reveal confidential information is the name of charity, donation, high profits, lottery, etc. These practices are a trap for scammers. Never go with these irrelevant links or messages just ignore them. 

  • Always use updated antivirus

The updated software will secure your system as well as will secure you from scammers. Though, due to unprotected devices, scammers easily hack your device and steal vital information. Many times, scammers tricked, and before an alert, many scams do happen.  So, having an updated antivirus is a must in today’s rising scam world.

  • Use updated software

Though, not updated software is also prone to malware many times. Updated software is key to protect your device. Though even if your antivirus is updated it won't work and maybe attacked by scammers. So, the operating system must be updated to protect your device and your account to be hacked.  

  • Insert flash drive after being sure

Although, these USB drives and flash drives often escort unwanted substances or viruses which will affect the system. Scan these substances before using them with the antivirus as a precaution. Though, this malware will influence the functions very erratically. 

  • Avoid mobile trading

We know mobile phones are so convenient and easy to use. Though, mobile phones are more prone to attack by scammers. It is so easy for scammers to hack mobile devices as mobile phones are not protected through any antivirus.  

  • Never use public Wi-Fi

Never use any public Wi-Fi in a way to use these networks, this can be a trap to steal your confidential information by the scammers by hacking your device. To trade in cryptocurrencies never go with these networks. Use your own network or the network in which you trust. 

  • Cautious downloading applications

Sometimes, in a hurry, we download some unknown applications to trade in cryptocurrencies but these unknown applications may lead to malware. There are countless fake applications in the market with the motives to hack devices to steal pieces of information. Many applications provide great services but they copy everything regarding your application and may lead to theft of securities afterward. Before downloading any application, for security measures just check the reviews and trust the application afterward.

  • Second layer security of Mobile applications.

Many mobile applications do provide second layer security by fingerprint or PIN code authentication. But you need to enable this security option and then you find trading through your mobile phones more secure. 

  • Storing Cryptocurrencies 

Storing Cryptocurrency is a big matter in the case of securing cryptocurrencies. To store cryptos you can use a centralized exchange. But to store cryptos or coins, personal wallets are the safest place. It can be stored in personal wallets for a long duration when you are sorting things and waiting to invest. Though, different kinds of wallets have different security measures. 

  • Transferring Cryptocurrencies

While transferring funds public addresses are a must and should be impossible to retrieve if lost. Other than just transferring the funds, documents are also attached along with some coins. Though, it’s riskier as documents have a chance to be hacked. So, be cautious while transferring the currencies and check the platform and screen patiently. Check your amount and transfer documents twice.

  • Handle your keys precisely

While creating a new account every trader gets private and public keys. The public key can be accessible by many but the private key is unique for every account holder. It’s important to keep your private key in a safe place and secure and also copy it offline to make it safer. 

  • Be cautious with DAPP interaction

DAPPs are used by many traders nowadays. The most popular DAPPs are Uniswap, Yearn, etc.  These DAPPs are required to interact with Web 3 browser or customized browser plugins with the confirmed transaction and wallet. If you do know-know using DAPPs and their functions well, avoid them. Using DAPPs needs proper know-how and experience. Do not trust anyone just get yourself enquired about everything then proceed.

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