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The Cryptomise Sunday

The Cryptomise Sunday
Author: Mansi Patodi

10 Companies that Accept Payment in Crypto

If you are a crypto investor or planning to become one, you should know where you can pay in cryptocurrencies.


Microsoft, the world’s leading software company, welcomed the game-changing Bitcoin digital payment system in 2014. Now, you can acquire Microsoft services like Live Xbox, games at the play store and various other Microsoft applications by paying in Bitcoin.


Luxurious fashion brand Gucci in recent times, announced the acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a few of its stores in the USA. Buyers can pay for the purchased articles in Bitcoin via Bitpay. 


People have exchanged pictures of Subway outlets accepting Bitcoin as payment on the internet. Through those pictures, it is clear that now you can pay in Bitcoin for your subway meals. However, this might be available only in limited countries.


Paypal is one of the world’s largest payment Gateways. It has paved the way to transfer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash in and out of the Paypal platform.


Balenciaga, a luxury Spanish fashion house, joins Gucci and other luxury brands in this crypto mission. It is in the news of accepting bitcoin for payment, and it will introduce more cryptocurrencies on the go.


Shopify allows its merchants to accept payment in cryptocurrencies. The list of crypto payment options includes currencies like Bitcoin, ShibaINU, and Dogecoin, with 17 others. It has facilitated this service with the help of crypto.com.


You can easily buy coca-cola from vending machines in New Zealand or Australia with Bitcoin. Coca-cola is now accepting Bitcoin payments after partnering with centrapay.


McDonald, a Global fast food chain, initiated crypto payments in the city of Lugano in Switzerland. This city has recently accepted Bitcoin and Tether as legal tender. Mcdonald’s has also started accepting payments in Bitcoin in El-Salvador after it accepted bitcoin as legal tender.


Wikimedia, the NPO that owns Wikipedia, decided to be liberal to donations via Bitcoin in 2014 but had to step back from the decision in the earlier days of May 22. The decision to accept Bitcoin was reversed, stating that cryptocurrencies are too harmful to the environment.


UAE’s top airline, Emirates, announced the homecoming of crypto payment systems. The COO of the company has shared that they have started building a team to develop the required system for crypto acceptance.


Dogecoin Price Jumps 40% on Elon Musk, Twitter’s Crypto Wallet Rumors.

U.K. Member of Parliament Lisa Cameron said there is a “vision” that the U.K. will Become an International Hub of Crypto and Digital Assets.

New Costa Rican Bill Proposes Tax Exemption for Bitcoin Transactions.

Hong Kong Plans to Legalize Retail Crypto Trading to Become Hub.

74% of Institutions Plan To Buy Crypto: Fidelity Survey.

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