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LayerZero (ZRO) Token Airdrop, Release Date and Price Prediction 2024-2030

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Airdrop, Release Date and Price Prediction 2024-2030
Author: Rakshita Jain

Table of Contents

About LayerZero

  • Stargate
  • OFT Standard

LayerZero (ZRO) Token

LayerZero (ZRO) Tokenomics

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Airdrop

Claim LayerZero Token Airdrop

Layerzero (ZRO) Token Release Date

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2024

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2025

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2026

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2030

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2040

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2050

Can LayerZero (ZRO) Reach $10?

Will LayerZero (ZRO) Price Recover?


  • How to get the LayerZero Token Airdrop?
  • What is the Layerzero token release date?
  • Is LayerZero legit?
  • How to buy LayerZero (ZRO) tokens in India?
  • What is the LayerZero Price prediction for 2024 and 2025 in USD?

Did you know that a new token standard is in Crypto Town, shaking things up like never before? That's OFT, aka Omnichain Fungible Token, the brainchild of the LayerZero project. But wait, there's more! LayerZero has just dropped its token, ZRO, too.

Feeling a lot to catch up? Well, not till we are here.

We'll break down all the juicy details, including the LayerZero (ZRO) token airdrop details, LayerZero (ZRO) launch date, LayerZero (ZRO) price predictions, and even more.

So, stick around until the end, and we promise to dish out all the must-know info about LayerZero and its brand-new ZRO token.

Let's begin by knowing the heart of the matter- LayerZero.

About LayerZero

LayerZero is a cross-chain protocol that aims to solve one of the most persistent challenges in the blockchain space: interoperability.

Interoperability refers to the ability of blockchain networks to communicate, share data, and transfer assets between each other. Before LayerZero, blockchains had to involve centralized intermediaries, such as bridges and exchanges, to establish communication between each other. However, LayerZero establishes direct and trustless communication to help blockchains message, interact and transfer assets more efficiently and securely. Messaging in blockchain reference doesn't mean SMS. Instead, it means sending arbitrary packets of bytes from one chain to another so that that smart contract on Chain A can tell a smart contract on Chain B to do something.

LayerZero Labs is the company behind the LayerZero protocol. It was co-founded by Bryan Pellegrino, Ryan Zarick, and Caleb Banister in 2021. They wanted to build a game that could work across BSC and Ethereum. Still, they were disappointed with the state of bridges used to establish interoperability. Encountering the problem, they figured out that a better and more efficient solution for blockchain interoperability was required.

LayerZero Labs developed Ultra-Light Nodes (ULNs) that require significantly less data and resources to validate cross-chain transactions. As their name suggests, ULNs are lightweight blockchain clients that can validate transactions on other chains without downloading the entire blockchain state. They help LayerZero achieve high throughput and low latency in interchain communication with other blockchains. LayerZero deploys ULNs on each chain that wants to communicate and maintains a partial view of it to validate transactions.

Along with ULNs, LayerZero leverages two other essential components—Relayers and Oracles—to achieve its interoperability objective. Relayers relay messages between ULNs deployed on different chains and get compensated for it. Then comes the Oracle, which passes the block's header to the endpoint of the destination chain. Once it gets done, the relayers submit the proof of the transaction to the destination chain, which will then validate the proof using its consensus.

LayerZero supports all blockchains that can run smart contracts, such as Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, and more. It also supports non-EVM blockchains like Aptos.


Stargate is the first dApp built on LayerZero. It is a community-driven organization that aims to make cross-chain liquidity transfers seamless. For instance, a DEX can swap AVAX with ETH on Stargate in a single transaction. Stargate supports some of the most prominent blockchain protocols, including Ethereum,Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and the BNB chain.

OFT Standard

To further facilitate better interchain operability, LayerZero launched a new token standard, OFT, which stands for Omnichain Fungible Token and acts as a universal token standard for sending and receiving assets across all blockchains.

Earlier, token transfers between chains required bridges that completed the transfers by locking the asset in the native chain and producing its wrapped version on the new chain. This process involves excessive fragmentation, which is expensive and often time-consuming. That's where Omchain Fungible tokens help by composing all LayerZero integrated blockchains. The transfer of OFT involves burning OFT tokens on one chain, presenting its receipt to the second chain, and minting the equivalent tokens in the receiver chain. This mechanism maintains the supply of the OFT tokens regardless of their locations.

OFT Standard ZRO

OFT standard is available to anyone building on LayerZero. Any project that deploys a token with OFT standards maintains complete ownership of its contracts and can select which chains to deploy on.

These are some key components that make the LayerZero ecosystem robust and efficient. But before investing in this innovative project, you should know about LayerZero's native ZRO token.

LayerZero (ZRO) Token

LayerZero (ZRO) is the native governance and utility token of the LayerZero protocol. It acts as an incentive for the participants and decision-makers within the LayerZero community. In other words, ZRO token holders can vote on important changes and improvements associated with the LayerZero protocol. The ZRO token also facilitates asset transfers across multiple chains related to the LayerZero ecosystem. Lastly, traders on LayerZero can pay the network fee and other platform charges in ZRO tokens.

If you win LayerZero token airdrop or own ZRO in another way, you officially become part of the LayerZero community. This means you have a voice in the growth and development of LayerZero. Since it is an open-source project, everything on LayerZero is publicly transparent. LayerZero organizes a public on-chain referendum (voting) every six months so everyone can participate in its key decisions and be aware of what is happening.

Key Metrics Value
ZRO Market Cap $672,373,658
ZRO Rank by Market Cap #97
ZRO Circulating Supply 250,000,000 ZRO
ZRO Total Supply 1,000,000,000 ZRO
ZRO Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000 ZRO
ZRO All-time High $4.80
ZRO All-time Low $2.58

LayerZero (ZRO) Tokenomics

LayerZero (ZRO) token has a limited maximum supply of 1 billion. There will never be more than 1 billion ZRO tokens. The distribution of this supply is as follows

  • 38.3% for the LayerZero community and users. This includes the LayerZero token Airdrops and other reward initiatives that promote the ecosystem.
  • 32.2% for Strategic partnerships. It involves incentives for new and existing web3 projects to contribute to expanding the LayerZero ecosystem.
  • 25.5% of the LayerZero (ZRO) token supply is reserved for Core contributors who built this ecosystem. This share is a tribute to the platform's early adopters and developers for their work and commitment. However, to ensure these promoters do not go on a spending spree, their token share is subjected to a three-year vesting period, including a year lock and a monthly unlock over the next two years.
  • The remaining 4% goes to Foundation reserves. The LayerZero Foundation holds 40 million ZRO tokens to reflect its commitment to the long-term expansion of the project.

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Airdrop

The LayerZero token airdrop is the project's initiative to promote its native token, ZRO. The LayerZero Foundation launched an eligibility checker on June 19, 2024, through which anyone can check if they are eligible for the airdrop. On the same day, the CEO of LayerZero Labs announced that only 1.28 million wallet addresses are eligible for these airdrops.

Those who interacted with the LayerZero protocol by May 1, 2024, are eligible for this LayerZero token airdrop. The LayerZero protocol took a snapshot on May 1, 2024, to obtain user eligibility data based on platform usage.

This eligibility has two categories: LayerZero Core and Protocol RFP. The former category is for rewarding users for their activity on the protocol. The distribution of LayerZero token airdrop for this category will take place according to the protocol fee paid by the users. Anyone who interacted before the platform took the snapshot on May 1, 2024, was eligible for this airdrop program. The minimum airdrop allocation was 25 ZRO, and the maximum was 5,000 ZRO for the LayerZero Core category.

Regarding the Protocol RFP category, the platform selected 211 projects to distribute ZRO to their communities. The minimum allocation was 5 ZRO, and the maximum was 10,000 ZRO. It considered factors like the number of messages sent before and after the snapshot, the number of days since the first message and the app category (OApp, OFT, ONFT)

These eligible candidates have until September 20, 2024, to claim their ZRO tokens. Otherwise, the platform will redistribute the unclaimed ZRO tokens to LayerZero core users. Those who have not interacted with the network until now can also start interacting, as the platform has some supply reserved for future incentives.

According to a fresh X post by LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino, the platform users can check the summary of their user activity, including the start date and the total number of transactions, to see if they are eligible to win LayerZero token airdrop in the form of ZRO tokens. Sharing further details, he explained that 23.8% of the ZRO token supply will go to the community and builders. On the first day of ZRO distribution, the platform will distribute 8.5% of this supply as the first deployment of LayerZero token airdrop. The remaining community-reserved supply will be vested over the next 36 months, with an additional token distribution occurring every 12 months.

Claim LayerZero Token Airdrop

Follow the below steps in the same order to claim your share in the LayerZero token airdrop-

  1. Go to the LayerZero Airdrop Claim page.
  2. By entering your EVM or Aptos wallet address, check if you are eligible for the Layerzero token airdrop.
  3. You will see the number of ZRO tokens you can claim if you are eligible.
  4. Now select a claim network. You can choose from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon, Avalanche, or the BNB chain.
  5. To claim your share, you must donate a small amount per ZRO token to claim. This amount is $0.10 in USDC, USDT or ETH per ZRO.
  6. Now, click "Claim" to finally claim your ZRO token airdrop.

The key objective of this LayerZero token airdrop program is to reward early birds and invite a wider audience through token incentives. With such exciting token distribution initiatives, LayerZero aims to generate buzz and increase its user base. So far, this token airdrop plan has proved a clever tool for standing out and giving native currencies a good start.

Layerzero (ZRO) Token Release Date

The LayerZero token release date was June 20, 2024. Multiple leading exchanges listed it that day so traders could start trading ZRO tokens. The initial launch price of the ZRO token was around $4.09. Instantly after the launch on June 20, the ZRO token spiked to $4.71 within 20 minutes due to the excitement among the LayerZero community. However, this spike was followed by a 22% steep decline due to the instant sell-offs by those willing to book short-term profits. Another reason for the sudden fall in ZRO price was the mixed reaction of the LayerZero community over the LayerZero token airdrop.

This airdrop included a unique twist: users must donate a small amount ($0.10) of USDC, USDT, or ETH per ZRO to claim their airdrop rewards. As per LayerZero, the collected amount (around $18.5 million) was to be donated to the Protocol Guild to fund Ethereum developers. This donation ignited a strong backlash against the platform, with opponents arguing that the Layerzero token airdrop turned into an ICO offering. Many of them disapproved of the condition of spending $0.10 by commenting, "Is this a joke?" and "How about you pay that?".

In response, the company argued that conventional airdrops no longer achieve their community-building goals as they do not build long-term interest in the project. The project's co-founder, Bryan Pellegrino, further shared that the LayerZero Airdrop tokens are not entitled to anyone and that those unwilling to donate should not claim them. He said, "There is no forced donation; if you don't want to donate… simply don't claim." On the other hand, some LayerZero community members supported the donation airdrop mechanism.

Within one week of the LayerZero token release date, ZRO experienced heightened volatility amid the ongoing intense debate about its airdrop proof of donation-based airdrop claim. While the ZRO token hit its all-time high of $4.8 almost immediately after its trading started, it was down over 33% within five days. It experienced a significant price drop, with prices plummeting 14% in a single day on June 24, 2024. The ongoing debate has also slumped the trading volume of ZRO by 41%.

An additional factor contributing to ZERO's declining performance since its release date is the bearish market sentiments. With all the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the red, the crypto market has experienced a weak period since the LayerZero token release date. Leading the decline are the top losers- WIF (-13%), FLOKI (-10.7%), JASMY (10%) and ETH (5%).

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2024

Regarding LayerZero price prediction for 2024, our fundamental analysis suggests a bullish trend. This is because, despite the ongoing criticism, the project's fundamentals look strong and progressive. LayerZero has been working towards solving one of the most critical problems in the crypto space: Interoperability. The project has made groundbreaking progress by introducing a unique burn and mint approach through OFT standards. This indicated the high potential that LayerZero holds in the long term.

The future of blockchains is in interoperability, and LayerZero plays a major role in this arena. As more and more liquidity flows between multiple blockchains, solutions like LayerZero, allowing a single transaction to traverse through various blockchains seamlessly, will thrive. With LayerZero's Omnichain technology, users can send a message from Network 1 to Network 2 with just one user transaction. This enables direct communication between dApps across different networks. Such cross-chain communication protocols eliminate the need for trust-based bridging via third parties by utilizing an "ultra-light node," which combines the security of a light node with the cost benefits of a middle chain.

This is the reason why the LayerZero ecosystem already supports multiple leading blockchain projects- Radiant Capital (RDNT), Stargate Finance (STG), SushiSwap (SUSHI), Pendle (PENDLE) and more. Many dApps, including Ethena, PancakeSwap, Etherfi, Aave, Angle Protocol, Balancer, Aptos, Canto, Curve Finance, Lybra Finance, Prisma, Uniswap, Aura, Clearpool, Harmony, Maverick protocol, WooFi, and more, are part of the LayerZero ecosystem. Some popular gaming cryptocurrency projects like- Valeria, Portal, Beam, and DeFi kingdoms are also part of LayerZero.

Having such a vast ecosystem of Web3 projects is a good sign for LayerZero's native token, ZRO, and its future. Since ZRO plays important governance, incentivizing, and platform currency roles, it is at the forefront of LayerZero.

Moreover, the recent falls in LayerZero (ZRO) price seem to recover once the ZRO holders book their short-term profits. A short-term price crash after listing an airdrop token is natural and usually recovers. With the limited supply of 1 billion and a well-calculated token release plan, LayerZero protocol will most likely be able to retain the long-term value of ZRO. With the high possibility of the crypto market beginning to recover in the next few months as per its previous market cycles, ZRO price can also experience some relief and stability.

Therefore, our bullish LayerZero price prediction for 2024 in USD is - $6.4 (maximum), $2.3 (minimum) and $4.9 (average).

This LayerZero price prediction for 2024 in INR is - INR 534 (maximum), INR 192 (minimum) and INR 408 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2024 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2024 (USD) $6.4 $2.3 $4.9
LayerZero Price Prediction 2024 (INR) INR 534 INR 192 INR 408

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2025

Our LayerZero (ZRO) token price prediction for 2025 is also strongly bullish. The key reason is the highly anticipated bullish phase following Bitcoin's halving in April 2024. Historically, Bitcoin halving events have inaugurated robust bull markets, and 2025 is likely to follow this trend.

With the rising need for cross-chain interoperability for more advanced projects, the OFT standard by LayerZero will play a key role in them. The protocol's focus on expanding its network, integrating with top DeFi projects, and enhancing its Ultra-Light Node (ULN) technology further supports its bullish outlook. Since anyone using the services and dApps deployed by LayerZero will be required to pay a fee in ZRO tokens, the demand for ZRO can continuously rise throughout 2025.

Moreover, the 2024 LayerZero token airdrop and a detailed token release have generated significant interest and engagement within the LayerZero community.

Therefore, our bullish LayerZero price prediction for 2025 is a maximum of $14.2, a minimum of $7.8, and an average of $10.2.

In INR, this LayerZero price prediction for 2025 becomes- INR 1,184 (maximum, INR 650 (minimum), INR 850 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2025 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2025 USD $14.2 $7.8 $10.2
LayerZero Price Prediction 2025 INR INR 1,184 INR 650 INR 850

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2026

Unlike our LayerZero price predictions for 2024 and 2025, we predict a comparatively bearish price movement for LayerZero in 2026.

Cryptocurrencies' repetitive trend indicates that they often enter a vital correction phase after giving a euphoric bull run to their investors. Since various investors and crypto experts are expecting 2025 to give a bull run like never before, the next year (2026) is most likely to bring big price corrections for multiple cryptocurrencies. Therefore, our LayerZero price prediction for 2026 screams bearish more than bullish.

However, some chances exist where LayerZero (ZRO) can manage its price levels with continuous innovations and collaborations in 2026. If things unfold in favour of LayerZero, ZRO can defy the correction phase and even make new price highs in 2026.

After balancing all these factors, our LayerZero price prediction for 2026 in USD is—$16.5 (maximum), $6.3 (minimum), and $12.2 (average).

This LayerZero price prediction in INR is - INR 1,376 (maximum), INR 525 (minimum) and INR 1,017 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2026 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2026 USD $16.5 $6.3 $12.2
LayerZero Price Prediction 2026 INR INR 1,376 INR 525 INR 1,017

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2030

The Layerzero price prediction for 2030 depends on the long-term future of blockchain interoperability. At the time of writing, it is at the forefront of innovations in this space. A study by Researchgate states that blockchain interoperability has a much broader spectrum than cryptocurrencies and cross-chain asset transfers.

Multiple sources state that this feature holds immense potential to transform the decentralized web3 space in the upcoming years. By facilitating seamless communication between different blockchains, projects working on blockchain interoperability will help in the emergence of standardized protocols, advanced cross-chain technologies and increased adoption. Therefore, it looks like efficient interoperability blockchains will soon become necessary from "nice to have".

This is why our LayerZero (ZRO) price prediction for 2030 in USD is bullish as follows- $40.2 (maximum, $25.6 (minimum) and $33.7 (average).

This LayerZero price prediction for 2030 in INR becomes- INR 3,357 (maximum), INR 2,138 (minimum) and INR 2,814 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2030 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2030 USD $40.2 $25.6 $33.7
LayerZero Price Prediction 2030 INR INR 3,357 INR 2,138 INR 2,814

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2040

Predicting a price range of ZRO for such a long period is extremely difficult, given that the token has just been launched. However, since the project behind it has been expanding its ecosystem at an impressive pace, it hints towards strong fundamentals and long-term vision. Over nearly 15 years, multiple factors may influence the market trajectory of ZRO tokens.

For instance, it can face new competition with an even better approach to establishing interoperability. The rollout of global crypto regulations may also impact the growth of ZRO crypto, along with other currencies. If the market encounters a black swan event, that can also slow down the price surges. But before crypto's overall adoption and popularity are deemed to surge in the upcoming decades, we can expect a net positive price movement in the ZRO token.

Calculating all these micro and macro factors, our LayerZero price prediction for 2040 in USD is - $62.2 (maximum), $44.4 (minimum) and $56.9 (average).

The same LayerZero price prediction for 2040 in INR becomes - INR 5,195 (maximum), INR 3,708 (minimum), and INR 4,752 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2040 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2040 (USD) $62.2 $44.4 $56.9
LayerZero Price Prediction 2040 (INR) INR 5,195 INR 3,708 INR 4,752

LayerZero (ZRO) Token Price Prediction 2050

Continuing our same approach for another decade, the LayerZero (ZRO) token is anticipated to benefit significantly from the mass adoption of blockchain technology and advancements in interoperability solutions. As LayerZero becomes integral to decentralized applications, demand for ZRO tokens is expected to rise. Strategic partnerships and continuous technological improvements will enhance the platform's utility and ecosystem.

Thus, our LayerZero price prediction for 2050 suggests a maximum of $98, a minimum of $75, and an average of $88.

In INR, this LayerZero price prediction for 2050 becomes- INR 8,185 (maximum), INR 6,264 (minimum), and INR 7,350 (average).

LayerZero Price Prediction for 2050 Maximum Price Minimum Price Average Price
LayerZero Price Prediction 2050 USD $98 $75 $88
LayerZero Price Prediction 2050 INR INR 8,185 INR 6,264 INR 7,350

Below is a compiled table of all LayerZero price predictions for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, 2040, and 2050 in USD:

LayerZero (ZRO) Price Predictions USD Maximum Minimum Average
2024 $6.4 $2.3 $4.9
2025 $14.2 $7.8 $10.2
2026 $16.5 $6.3 $12.2
2030 $40.2 $25.6 $33.7
2040 $62.2 $44.4 $56.9
2050 $98 $75 $88

The same LayerZero (ZRO) prediction in INR for these years is as follows:

LayerZero Price Predictions (INR) Maximum Minimum Average
2024 INR 534 INR 192 INR 408
2025 INR 1,184 INR 650 INR 850
2026 IN1,376 INR 525 INR 1,017
2030 INR 3,357 INR 2,138 INR 2,814
2040 INR 5,195 INR 3,708 INR 4,752
2050 INR 8,185 INR 6,264 INR 7,350

NOTE: All INR price predictions in this LayerZero Price Prediction blog are based on the current USDT-INR exchange rates (1 USDT = INR 83).

We have a list of many such crypto price predictions that you can check out to make the most informed investment decisions.

Can LayerZero (ZRO) Reach $10?

As per the ongoing debate between the LayerZero community and founders of LayerZero lab over the proof-of-donation-based redeeming of ZRO airdrops, the ZRO token seems to have a slower price recovery and growth than expected. Since its launch price jump, the ZRO token is down 33% within a week. However, the long-term potential of the ZRO token looks solid; hence, it is likely to hit the $10 mark by the end of the next bull run. It is important to note here that for LayerZero (ZRO) to hit $10, a continuous and substantial upward momentum will be required. And for that to happen, multiple events have to unfold in a positive direction.

Will LayerZero (ZRO) Price Recover?

Yes, the price of LayerZero (ZRO) is likely to recover in the long run once the ongoing conflict and confusion between the LayerZero community and founders settles down. The token holds good price potential, given its important use cases in the workings and powering of LayerZero's ever-growing ecosystem. While wider market sentiments can accelerate or slow it down, the recovery of ZRO looks inevitable.


How to get the LayerZero Token Airdrop?

Eligible users can claim their LayerZero token airdrop through the project's official redemption website. They can input their wallet address, select the network, and claim their ZRO tokens by simply paying $0.10 for every ZRO token they wish to redeem. They can redeem these LayerZero token airdrops by September 20, after which the network will redistribute the unclaimed ZRO tokens.

What is the Layerzero token release date?

The LayerZero token release date was June 20, 2024.

Is LayerZero (ZRO) a good coin?

LayerZero (ZRO) is an auspicious coin, particularly for the long term. The technology behind LayerZero facilitates seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks, positioning it as a key player in the future of decentralized applications. With its robust technological foundation and significant use cases in the ecosystem, LayerZero (ZRO) stands out as a solid investment choice.

Is LayerZero legit?

Yes, LayerZero is a legitimate project that works towards inter-chain communication and has developed a unique OFT standard for tokens. This omnichain interoperability protocol has a vast ecosystem of over 99 dApps from DeFi, Gaming, Infrastructure and other categories.

How to buy LayerZero (ZRO) tokens in India?

Two ways to buy LayerZero (ZRO) tokens in India are Airdrop and Exchanges. If you are eligible to get LayerZero (ZRO) token airdrops, you can claim your holdings on the platform's official redemption website. If you do not qualify for that, you can go to a reliable FIU-registered cryptocurrency exchange to make your ZRO token purchase. One such cryptocurrency exchange is Flitpay, which will soon list ZRO tokens.

What is the LayerZero Price prediction for 2024 and 2025 in USD?

A year-wise LayerZero (ZRO) Price prediction is as follows:

LayerZero price prediction for 2024 - $2.3 to $6.4

LayerZero price prediction for 2025 - $7.8 to $14.2

Disclaimer: The content provided in this LayerZero (ZRO) price prediction blog is purely for informational purposes and should not be considered financial advice. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and subject to rapid fluctuations. Any investment or trading decisions based on the information presented here are at your own risk. We recommend conducting thorough research and consulting with a qualified financial advisor before making an investment decision.

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